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Student City Work Experience Project

Many organizations constantly search for an “extra pair of hands” to assist with on-off projects, on-going activities, casual staff or some blend of all of these. At the same time a growing number of tertiary students would like to gain real world work experience in parallel to their academic studies. While some programmes have such “internships” built in for academic credit, many do not and students are left to find what they can.

This is an opportunity for community organizations, sports clubs, not-for-profit groups, small businesses and large corporations to contribute to the growth of human capital in the region by developing relationships with the numerous talented and skilled tertiary students in the city.

Such work experience is increasingly important for employability upon graduation, and the opportunity to develop such a relationship with a local organisation gives that organisation “first bite” at the student after graduation as well as increasing the chances that the students will remain in the Manawatu and contribute to regional growth.

Having the support of the Student City and local institutions, these students can offer organisations the opportunity to experiment with some of the activities and projects with which they have been toying but for which they have not had sufficient resources.

In addition many of the new migrants to the Manawatu have very high level skills as well as language abilities appropriate to the local community. Unfortunately it is often regarded as being a risk to employ such a person who does not appear to have “New Zealand Experience”. Our students have good English language skills as well as the ability to work amongst a range of ethnic and language communities.

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