WorkExperience – All Details

The Project

Student City is coordinating a project amongst all the local tertiary institutions (Massey University, UCOL, IPC & Te Wananga O Aotearoa) to link organisations needing support with students needing work experience.

This work experience is distinct from “internships” which students require as part of their academic programmes and it can be for a specific event, a few days or weeks or even for a full year.

The Parameters

The intention is not to provide free / cheap labour but to create a mutually beneficial relationship with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of the organisations as well as of the students. So, while the work experience can be paid or unpaid, we would hope that students gain tangible benefits and are supported to deliver real world outcomes. This requires sufficient support, appropriate resources, flexibility to fit academic commitments and guidance to grow into the professionals they aspire to become.

What we need

We need organisations to offer opportunities for these students! The tertiary institutions are committed to supporting their students to use the work experience appropriately in their own career development, and to develop their readiness for the “real world” alongside their academic programmes. The setting could be a part time assignment, over study breaks or weekends, or an on-going arrangement.

We also need your commitment to provide guidance and to investment in the development of the students, some of whom will have only limited ideas of work life.

What we offer

We will ensure that the tertiary institutions will provide support and guidance to the students as they move through the work experiences. We also offer you talent for your company, and the unique opportunity to shape your potential future employees while also investing in the Manawatu. In addition we will work alongside you to maximise the opportunity for both you and the students. Work experience is not intended to be merely an additional pair of hands! While we recognise that any and all experience can be valuable, as well as the fact that students are frequently keen to do very unskilled or menial tasks to earn money, we would like to assist your organisation make it a valuable and worthwhile experience for the students.

In addition we will assist you draft the advertisement and support you in selecting the a appropriate applicant(s)

How it works

Post your Work Experience positions on and we will encourage students to apply directly to you. We can provide guidance and advice about how best to structure the advertisement project or work experience so that both you and the students gain the most from the investment you both will be making. In addition the tertiary institutions will continue to monitor the work experience and provide on-going support to the students

What does it cost?

Nothing! The only investment is in your time and a willingness to mentor students through their time with you.

Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact the Student City Coordinator, Bettina Gohl, on telephone 06 351 4100 or email


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