Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge

Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge is a landmark of awe-inspiring legend, geographical magnificence, and cultural wealth.


The scenic divide between the Tararua and Ruahine Ranges that border the Manawatu Region, Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge is a magnificent geographical structure formed over thousands of years by the Manawatu River. It is the only place in New Zealand where a river begins its journey on the opposite side of the main divide to where it joins the sea. With its native bush and wildlife, Te Apiti is a time capsule that preserves the bush that once covered Manawatu, a place frozen in time.

A land stepped in legend. A land shrouded in myth. A land of the people. It doesn’t matter how you experience its wonders – by foot, by rail or water. The only thing that matters is that you experience it for yourself. To experience Te Apiti, is to experience the spirit of a region.

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