Specialist Tertiary Educators

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Private training establishments (PTEs) are the secret heroes of the education sector. They are private organisations quietly training young men and women for practical, fulfilling careers, raising them to the exacting standards set by industry.”You get a double guarantee [with PTE training],” says Mara Marketing CEO Graham Mair. “Not only must these organisations meet standards set by the government, but also the expectations of industry”, says Mr Mair.

PTEs took off in the 90s, although some, like the Hairdressing College, have been around in since the 1960s.

“There’s a commitment to the students’ individual successes,” says Palmerston North School of Design CEO Mike Saywell, highlighting the PTE style of smaller classes, more one-on-one time, and a more personalised education.

All of the region’s PTEs are locally owned and operated. They’ve had the time to build links with industry, which means there are more jobs for graduates, more easily found.

There are a galaxy of options available and all courses are approved by NZQA. And if you’ve left school with no qualifications, most courses are fully government-funded – no fees!

If you feel like a round peg in a square hole and are itching to get your hands on something practical, checkout some of Manawatu’s PTEs and see what’s available. There are a lot of people willing you to succeed, and they’re only too happy to help you.


Academy of Diving Trust (06) 356 1665 Diving, Scuba Instructor,
First Aid,
Adventure Education
Agriculture New Zealand 0800 475 455 Agriculture,
ETC (Education & Training Consultants New Zealand Limited) (06) 357 7107 English Language
Horizon Education Limited (06) 357 0138 Care of Older Person,
Early Childhood Education
Kyrewood Equestrian Centre Limited (06) 355 9148 Equine
Land Based Training 0508 872 466 Agriculture
Mara Marketing Limited (06) 357 3869 Automotive
New Zealand
School of Export
(06) 356 5656 International Trade, (IATTO accredited)
New Zealand Institute
of Electrolysis and
Beauty Therapy
(06) 356 3733 Beauty Therapy,
Beauty Skills
Palmerston North
School of Design
(06) 358 0188 Graphic Design,
Fashion Design
The Hairdressing College (06) 358 3879 Hairdressing
Trade and Commerce (06) 350 0941 Business Admin & Computing, Employment Skills
YMCA (06) 358 8291 Employment Skills, Parenting

Manawatu Turbos Rugby

Keen on Rugby?

The Manawatu Turbos are our local rugby team. Find out more at: www.turbosrugby.co.nz

Our local rugby team!

The Bucket Heads are the fans of our Turbos. Find out more at: www.facebook.com/manawatubucketheads

How to become a bucket head

The Manawatu Turbos are our local rugby team. Check out their website for dates and deets www.manawaturugby.co.nz.

It’s common knowledge that bucket heads are pretty much the coolest fans at Turbos games. We know you’d like to join their ranks and rise to bucket head greatness.

“But it’s all too hard”, we hear you cry.

“They’re just too cool”, you exclaim.

Well, that is where you’re wrong my friend. Becoming a bucket head is actually deceptively simple. Just follow the seven-step Student City guide below and before you know it you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your bucket head dreams.

bucket00Step one: Get one of these

bucket01Step two: Do this

bucket02Step three: Take one of these

bucket03Step four: Do this

bucket04Step five: Get one of these

bucket05Step six: Cut it out like this

bucket06  Step seven: Put it on your head