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Three options to advertise on Student City!???????????

Each day up to 4.000 Palmerston North students are visiting the Student City website. Your offers should relate to student interests and we reserve the right to reject offers and advertisements that we think do not align to the goals and vision of Student City and its stake holders.
There are three ways to advertise with us.

  • Free advertising
    People, businesses and organisations with a non commercial intent advertise for FREE. If you belong to this group please click here and submit your advert.
  • Commercial advertising
    We offer attractive advertising opportunities that will lead the attention of students to your offer. Please contact for our current deals.
  • Student discounts
    Many local businesses offer student discounts. This is a great way to get more buyers through your door and support the students at the same time. Please contact to add your Student Discounts to our website and the websites of participating Tertiary Education Providers.



Free (non profit) posts will actually create a whole little page for you and display on the front page as below. So feel free to include active links and so on when you create your post/advert. You will tell us what the students that could be interested in this post potentially like and we will show it to this group only. How? Our database knows what what many of the students like so we can display targeted content to them. If a visitor that we have not seen before (like yourself) visits the website we will display all posts to him/her. 

Sample: A band is looking for a drummer. We can post this add exclusively to all students that are drummers. These banners can contain an image, a video or a soundcloud jam!

Click here to submit your message/advert/post.

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Our banners are located at strategic locations to give you advert a powerful exposure. Depending on who you want to reach we will give you a 360 degree consultation on how you can achieve your goals in the best way. Get in touch today and find out how powerful our advertising is for you.



Homepage banners

Home Banners

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Page Banners



Student Discounts will be available on our Student Discounts page and on the websites of participating Tertiary Education Providers. To offer discounts please email.

 Student Discounts


Student City reserves the right to reject content or entire posts when not beneficial to the student population or in conflict with the goals of Student City or its stake holders.

We look forward to hearing from you! Your Student City Team.