Wildbase Recovery Centre

Palmerston North’s Victoria Esplanade will soon be home to a native wildlife rehabilitation centre where you’ll be able to watch the journey of NZ’s most endangered species as they recover from illness and injury after treatment at Wildbase Hospital.

Specially designed recovery aviaries, a support facility for vet care, and an education centre will enable animals to be viewed by the public, and promote conservation of some of our most endangered species through world-class rehabilitation practice by Massey University’s veterinary wildlife specialists.


Threats such as habitat loss, invasive species, disease and global warming mean many of our unique species are endangered. Even our common native birds are rare by world standards.
Wildbase Hospital is New Zealand’s only dedicated wildlife hospital for the medical and surgical treatment of native wildlife. 50% of animals treated at the hospital are threatened or endangered species.

Despite its importance to a number of recovery programmes, Wildbase Hospital does not have the full rehabilitation facilities needed for animals’ release back into the wild. As a result, wildlife are held in hospital for longer than ideal.

Wildbase Recovery will provide purpose-built aviaries, designed to help individual native fauna recover from illness and injury, through world-leading care by Massey University veterinary staff.

Public will be able to view patient journeys back to wellness, connecting generations of New Zealanders directly with the conservation of some of our most endangered species.


Wildbase Recovery Centre Philosophy

We believe Wildbase Recovery will directly contribute to the conservation of some of New Zealand’s most endangered species. The world-leading recovery facility will provide gold standard rehabilitation of injured and ill native wildlife – ensuring their best chance of survival once released back to the wild. In turn, this will mean many of these animals will go on to breed and contribute to the success of their population and species.

Wildbase Recovery will be built under the following principles:

Provide specifically designed facilities for the recuperation of ill and injured wildlife, with the animal’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of operational decisions.

Develop a national level educational experience that provides learning experiences around the wildlife in Wildbase Recovery’s care, as well as the wider messages associated with their species and what we as New Zealanders can do to contribute to their conservation.

Provide for the development of veterinary staff working with New Zealand wildlife, and set best practice benchmarks for recovery centres worldwide.



Wildbase Recovery Community Trust is a Charitable Trust tasked with raising funds which will be granted to Palmerston North City Council for the sole purpose of building, operating and maintaining this community funded wildlife recovery centre.

In a unique collaboration, Wildbase Recovery will be built and owned by Palmerston North City Council and co-managed by Massey University’s Veterinary School.

With your support, we can give our native species the best chance of survival.

To Donate and find out more about to this exciting project click this link http://wildbaserecovery.co.nz/


Just Zilch – Palmerston North’s Free Store

Here’s a small insight into the great work local organisation Just Zilch do for the Palmerston North community, and how you can help them in their mission to reduce waste whilst making sure that no member of our community goes hungry.
Company Overview

Palmerston North’s Free store! We are a faith based organisation that redistributes surplus food from retail and wholesale outlets, individuals, and our own garden to those in need.

We are at 14 Fitzherbert Ave and there will be someone at the store from 1pm if you want to drop goods off. Alternatively you can take goods to the Fitzherbert St Cutting Bar just a few doors down from Just Zilch, or to either The Discount Tyre Shop (Palmerston North) at 773 Tremaine ave or the corner of Botanical and Pioneer Hwy


Just Zilch is a free store that receives surplus goods from various suppliers and our own garden, and makes them available to those who determine themselves to be in need. Just Zilch works alongside other organisations in Palmerston North to ensure that surplus food is being accessed and redistributed appropriately. Just Zilch fills a gap in the community where surplus goods are not already being used productively.

Our garden is run and maintained by volunteers, which helps to provide produce for the shop, and when there is surplus, to other community based organisations.

General Information

If you would like to volunteer for Just Zilch or you know of food that is surplus or going to waste please contact us on the email below.
Email: justzilch.pn@gmail.com
If you wish to donate to Just Zilch our bank account number is:
01 0745 0314717 29

We are at 14 Fitzherbert ave and there will be someone at the store from 1pm if you want to drop goods off. Alternatively you can take goods to the Fitzherbert Ave Cutting Bar just a few doors down from Just Zilch, or to either The Discount Tyre Shop (Palmerston North) at 773 Tremaine ave or the corner of Botanical and Pioneer Hwy

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